Having tried via two re-homing charities to find a suitable family Labrador to replace our recently departed golden Labrador Barney a local friend put us in touch with Mistead Labradors near Chester. As luck would have it Ian White, the owner and breeder at Minstead, had a one year old black Labrador, Minstead Nelson, who, as he put it, was too laid back to become a successful gun dog so was being offered for sale. We made the 500 mile round trip from Hampshire to see Nelson and the rest, as they say, is history. Nelson has now been with us for just over two weeks now and has settled in our home here in Hampshire and is becoming one of the family. He clearly is now quite relaxed in his new environment. Still needs to develop his social confidence with other dogs and strangers but I’m sure that will come in time. However as our local vet said when he checked him over, “a fine example of the breed” which made us very pleased and clearly a credit to Ian White at Minstead Labradors for his skill in breeding high quality labradors.

Malcolm Johnson

As owners of BritishLabradors.com in the United States, we have imported dogs from the United Kingdom for 30 years. Ian and Judith White are among the breeders and trainers we have worked with over the past decade.

Among the exceptionally trained dogs we have purchased from the Whites is Minstead Delvin, son of FTCH Blackfoot Scout of Minstead. Minstead Delvin has been an exceptional pre-potent sire in our breeding program, producing offspring that have Del’s exceptional good looks, sweet temperament and keen hunting instincts. Importantly, Del is also a beloved family companion.

The Whites have a deep understanding and implementation of the individualized training techniques required for both a dog and his/her handler to succeed as a team.

We consider ourselves fortunate to have Ian as a good and trusted friend.

Janice and Dennis Anderson, BritishLabradors.com

I first met Ian White when I bought a young dog I was having difficulty training. I didn’t know enough to be able to help this little dog. Ian took him on and in a very short time trained him to be narrowly second at Chatsworth KC Novice Working Test! I was amazed with how he managed this labrador in a few weeks of training! He isn’t the easy dog I thought he would be, and the difference was amazing when he started working for Ian.

I was more than fortunate that Ian allowed me to have his fully trained Field Trial Champion dog instead of my little problem dog. Ian helped me to forge a partnership with my new dog, taught me how to handle and work him, encouraged me to go out and compete with him and supported me through the learning process. I now have the Dog of a Lifetime, and such great help through the learning process in handling and competing a top dog! I can’t say thank you enough.

Morwenna Crossley

Laine has thoroughly enjoyed retrieving almost 50 ducks just 4 days into the season! She remains the sweetest, most affectionate family pet and the best trained retriever we have ever had. We are thankful!

The Lowes

Last weekend I was able to get to North Dakota and was hosted for some EXCELLENT duck hunting on Dave’s property. WE had a great time and I wanted to share some stories and pictures of Vera’s success.

Vera was making wonderful retrieves without the aid of the whistle as Dave had forgotten it. She took her lines well and was completely attentive to Dave. (That has to do with riding in the front seat of the truck as the Queen Bee I am sure.)

My dog Brooke performed well in tandem with Vera. It is so wonderful to have two dogs that are quiet(no barking) well behaved(no jumping around or on people) and rock hard to gun shots.

On one occasion we had a cripple duck land over the hill 70 or more yards from our site. Dave sent Vera blind and she was gone for some time before returning with the duck in fine form. The picture of her returning with that duck is attached.

Vera has also taken to Dave’s grandson Cade. He is 12 years old and was along for one of the hunts. Great kid and the apple of Dave’s eye. Great fun to watch that interaction. The boy in the pictures is Cade. The ugly old Guy is Dave:):)

We had great hunts on wild birds as you can see from the pictures. Vera is in a wonderful place and like Brooke really hit the Lottery for homes to be in. AS you know, hunting season is about 2 months and the other 10 months you have a great companion.
Thank you for your great breeding and training program!

Dennis Andreson

Ian had Tilly and Pippa in for 3 months of residential training at the end of last year. The difference in the dogs when we brought them home was immediately noticeable. For a start they are much calmer! Although we got them both to be used as working dogs, they are also family pets and live in the house with us. Their day to day living in the house has become much easier following their stay with Ian as they have a much greater overall understanding of obedience. We have taken them on a handful of shoots since they returned to us and we have been very impressed with their behaviour. Their steadiness is one area that has really pleased us. They are both still young and will require continuous training, however we are delighted with the improvements they have made and will enjoy continuing to work closely with Ian in the future. Many thanks Ian for all of your help.

Sarah Waugh

I first went to see Ian when my Labrador was 6 months old as it is my first gundog so I wanted to ensure I kept on the straight and narrow with its training.

From the first phone call, Ian was very friendly and willing to share his vast amounts of knowledge and experience. So far I have had 6 one to one sessions with Ian and every one of them has proved invaluable. His training is very well structured and tailored to the dog’s pace of learning and also covers any issues I had been experiencing when training on my own.

Being my first time training a dog, I also had as much to learn as her. Ian explained why we undertook each exercise, which allowed me to understand the process and learn from my mistakes. I was amazed how quickly Ian could solve issues I had been having, and also how much my dog progressed during each session. I have always left the sessions with a clear understanding of what I needed to do next to progress with my dog’s development and how to do it. Ian is very friendly and always happy to answer any questions I had between sessions, which I found a huge help as it meant I was able to quickly solve any problems I had been experiencing.

The training areas Ian has access to are excellent, there are a variety of different environments to train in meaning greater exposure for your dog. He also has all the training aids you could possible need.

I am extremely pleased with the results so far and my dog is much further along than I had hoped this time last year. I cannot recommend Ian highly enough, I will definitely continue to work with him on my current and future dogs.

Scott Jackson

FTW Minstead Axel Sq

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